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Last updated May 9, 2022


I actively attend events to gain and share my knowledge. If you have an event / talk / panel which I can be a part of in any way (to ðŸ—Ģ or 👂 or both), feel free to reach out at aditya@ketkar.me

Frontend Patterns for Lightning Performance

@ Microsoft, March 2021

A live and interactive deep dive into frontend-performance optimization with patterns like CSR, SPAs, SSR, SSG, ISG etc.

A comparative study of technologies behind Amazon, Gmail, Netflix along with some quick wins for perf improvements

Slides (pdf) ↗ | Slides with videos (pptx) ↗

Resume Draftimg 101

@ EdMad, July 2020

Zero to hero in drafting and maintaining a killer resume, all in 30 mins. A talk for final and pre-final year students and people looking to up their resume game

Slides ↗


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