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Last updated May 9, 2022


- Macbook Pro 2021 - 14’ 16G/512G
Performance beast. Throw anything at it, handles like a pro. MacOS experince 💯

- MX Master 3
Nicknamed Cookie. Highly addictive.

- BenQ GW2283 with Monitor Arm Mount
22-24 inch monitors are the sweet spot for me. Arm mount makes it all more enjoyable.

- Fitbit Charge 4
Accurate, minimal and sleek

- Apple AirPods Pro
One of those things where you know the difference only after you try. Best gifting product.

- Keychron K2V2 Brown
Check out for yourself 👇🏻

- Blue Yeti
Best in class. Multiple pickup patterns, studio quality audio. Also, overkill for my use.

Software & Tools

- Alfred : Powerful workflows. Automates almost everything.

- Edge (yes.) : Better - than - Chrome.

- Obsidian : Personal notetaking

- Cron : Desktop app for calendar. Design 💯

- Calmly : Best writing experience ever. Pure joy.

- AlDente : Smart charging for Mac

- Flameshot : Power screenshots

- Rectangle : Till some PM at Apple discovers window management is a thing

- Unnatural Scroll Wheels : Till some PM at Apple discovers scrolling backwards sucks

- Shortwave : Desktop mailbox with some cool management features

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