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A good tech stack for an over-engineered blog

Last updated May 9, 2022

I’ve wanted to start writing for a long time.

Though I have been a superuser of Obsidian, it was always a personal journal more than a blog. Also, obsidian-publish checks all the boxes and some more, but costs a lot for simple personal blog.

So just like any other engineer would do, I started to do some research on most cutting edge technology for a blog. Here are the feature requirements that I could come up with :

General Requirements

Personal Requirements

A few hours of research boiled down to two contenders:

  1. Quartz by Jacky Zhao
  2. Gatsby Digital Garden by Mathieu Dutour

While there is no apple-to-apple comparison of these two projects, I chose Quartz because:

Though most of the codebase feels alien to me, but I managed to somehow play around and make some tweaks.

Closing: An Ideal Blog

If you want to look at how innovative can you be with a blog design, play around with Josh Comeau’s blog
Also check out this amazing digital garden from Maggie Appleton

In an ideal world, I would have spent a couple of weeks to build this in house (we built a similar MDX engine for EdMad). Do let me know if you find this exciting, and we can spin up a github project 🚀!


Recently came across Nextra, made by Shu Ding, who is the creator of SWR. It would be interesting to see a digital-garden implementation written with Nextra.

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